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The Peoples Park

The People’s Park is situated a short walk from the town centre and Adair Arms Hotel. With its closeness to the town centre but quiet and tranquill setting, the peoples park truly is a gem and a great area for our guests to have a jog or walk if they please.

The 45 acre urban park is used by locals and visitors alike, enjoying the beautiful scenery and closeness to nature it has to offer. The park has now gained the prestigious green flag award and the perineal flowers planted around the bowling green and park pavilion provide a breath-taking  and colourful picture during spring and summer time. 

The provision of a Senior and Junior play park makes it a well-liked, family and young people friendly park available to everyone in the community and further afield. It is also great if you are a sports enthusiast as you will be able to use the popular 4 astroturf Tennis Courts, outdoor bowling green as well as being able to go for a run or walk through it. The new outdoor gym is also proving to be a popular addition to the park for all age groups of park users.

The park pavilion provides a secure resting place for all and the site overlooks a large lake, home to a large range of wild ducks and geese. Hungry folks and birds can enjoy a snack with vending machines available for humans and ‘Ducks Choice’ for the birds in the park dam.

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